lørdag 13. juni 2009

Jeshua, who are you?

Vi må innse at illusjonen med alle sine 'fengslende' historier, har svøpt oss inn i en tilstand av total forvrengning. Den såkalte jordiske Jesus, forteller her hva som egentlig skjedde. Dette er utdrag fra kanalisering gjennom Pamela Kribbe. www.jeshua.net

"I am the one who has been among you and who you have come to know as Jesus.
I am not the Jesus of your church tradition or the Jesus of your religious writings.
I am Jeshua-ben-Joseph; I have lived as a man of flesh and blood.
I did reach Christ consciousness before you, but I was supported in this by powers which are beyond your imagination at present. My coming was a cosmic event - I made myself available for this.

The Christ energy that I came to offer you stems from a collective energy that has gone beyond the world of duality. The reason why the Jesus/Jeshua personality came to earth was to create an opening or doorway to a different state of consciousness. This means that it recognizes the opposites of good and bad, light and dark, giving and taking, as the aspects of one and the same energy. Living from the reality of Christ consciousness means that there is no struggle with anything. There is a complete acceptance of reality. This absence of struggle or resistance is its main characteristic.

The Christ energy has passed through all the energies of duality. It identified itself now with the dark, then with the light, but through it all, something remained the same. This Christ energy was poured into Jeshua from spheres of Light which are - from your standpoint - located in your future. Christ or the Christ energy (it is more like an energy field than a personal entity) is a collective energy which has many aspects or “cells”, which are cooperating in such a way that they function as one “organism”."

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